Scientific publications

  • Kostopoulos, A. et al. 5G Trial Cooperation between EU and China. IEEE ICC Conference Proceedings, 2019.
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  • Noor, S. et al. A Flexible Subcarrier Multiplexing System with Analog Transport and Digital Processing for 5G (and beyond) Fronthaul. Submitted to OSA/IEEE J. Lightwave Technology.
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  • Chochliouros, I., et al. Enhanced Mobile Broadband as Enabler for 5G: Actions from the Framework of the 5G-DRIVE Project. Springer IFIP AICT 560, Proceedings of the AIAI 2019 International Conference, 2019.
  • Chochliouros, I., et al. Use Cases for developing enhanced Mobile Broadband Services for the promotion of 5G. Proceedings of the EuCNC 2019, Special Session No.3.

Publications will be available for download soon.

Other publications and articles

Author: Latif Ladid (University of Luxembourg, IPv6 Forum President)

Publication & Date: InterComms: International Communications Project (Issue 31 – 2019), 2019.

Abstract: This publication presents a thorough overview of the 5G-DRIVE project, including the objectives, project concept, trial sites, and expected impact.


Author: 5G-DRIVE consortium

Publication & Date: European 5G Annual Journal (2019)

Link: Coming soon.