The deliverables below are available for public consultation.

Lead Partner: JRC | Delivery date: April 2019 (month 8)

Abstract: This deliverable presents the selected use cases for the two 5G-DRIVE project scenarios (eMBB and V2X). In addition, it describes the architectural setup for each use case, as well as the initial steps towards the realisation of a joint 5G-DRIVE EU-China architecture. Finally, some key radio frequency spectrum aspects for the deployment of eMBB and V2X services in the EU and China are also discussed.

Lead Partner: OTE | Delivery date: March 2021 (month 31)
Abstract: The deliverable shall summarize upon the major architectural findings and will assess the proposed joint architecture by promoting common specifications, requirements, recommendations as well as related best practices. The work should also be relevant to the outcome(s) of the related trials, while emphasis is on the market implementation of selected use cases.

Lead Partner: UoS | Delivery date: January 2019 (month 5)

Abstract: The focus of this document is to provide a tentative test plan for evaluation of the performance of enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB), in particular for the spectrum band at 3.5 GHz. The general trial setup requirements are given to harmonize between various trial sites. The detailed trial sites descriptions follow to explain the capability of each site to conduct different tests. The methodology and selected key performance indicators (KPIs) are also given, together with specific test plans of the eMBB trials in WP3.

Lead Partner: UoS | Delivery date: May 2021 (month 33)
Abstract: The deliverable will finally summarize the work done in WP3. The joint eMBB trial results and evaluation, the spectrum usage analysis on 3.5GHz, and system interoperability analysis are included in this deliverable. Joint eMBB trial report are included in this deliverable.

Lead Partner: ERT | Delivery date: February 2019 (month 6)

Abstract: The deliverable provides a test plan for the 5G-DRIVE V2X trials at the Espoo and JRC Ispra trials sites. The deliverable provides details about the pilot site infrastructure, the use cases, the intended test scenarios and methodology for evaluation.

Lead Partner: UL | Delivery date: August 2019 (month 12)

Abstract: The deliverable identifies the security requirements and standards that are proposed so far to ensure secure V2X communications. The deliverable addressee also the potential vulnerabilities for V2X communications, and provides definition of test setup and procedures for penetration, coexistence and performance evaluation of 3GPP and IEEE standards for V2I and V2V communications testing.

Lead Partner: Dynniq | Delivery date: June 2021 (month 34)
Abstract: The deliverable reports validation and evaluation results of the test scenarios. Benefits of hybrid communication is evaluated. Results of resilience test are reported, vulnerabilities are identified, and countermeasures are proposed. The joint V2X trial report are included in this deliverable.

Lead Partner: ORION | Delivery date: August 2019 (month 12)

Abstract: 5G-DRIVE dedicates Work Package 5 (WP5) to advancements in “5G Technology and Service Innovations”. Its main purpose is to ensure that the 5G test-bed implementations continue to rigorously evolve along the lines of real-world use cases as well as the 5G PPP vision. The work focuses on four distinct aspects, each one forming the core of a dedicated task: (a) Radio Access and Transport Network; (b) Network Virtualisation and Slicing; (c) 5G New Services, and; (d) Security and Privacy.

Lead Partner: Orange | Delivery date: June 2021 (month 34)
Abstract: This final report of WP5 provides not only the results obtained for the new technological and service innovation testbed implementations but also an evaluation of these results in terms of technological, operating and performance KPIs.

Lead Partner: MI | Delivery date: June 2021 (month 34)
Abstract: This report highlights the different challenges in terms of secure and privacy-friendly data communications in 5G future vehicular networks. Novel mechanisms for ensuring security and privacy are proposed and evaluated.

Lead Partner: SPI | Delivery date: November 2018 (month 3)

Abstract: This document describes the 5G-DRIVE dissemination and communication (D&C) strategy and plan. This includes identifying the specific objectives within the project; the main target groups and the benefits they can reap from the project; including the main information and messages that can be shared to the target groups; the main tools and channels that will be used to convey information and results about the project; how the impact of these measures will be evaluated; and when the specific planned activities will take place.

Lead Partner: MI | Delivery date: July 2019 (month 10)

Abstract: The following document presents the Plan for Standardization of the 5G-DRIVE project. It serves as a document to steer and control standardization action and to support the members of the 5G-DRIVE consortium in their foreseen standardization activities. First, the deliverable outlines the 5G and V2X
priorities in Europe and China. Next, it describes the methodology behind the Plan, as well as the target KPIs in the field of standardization, designed according to the priority of the consortium members. D6.2 provides an overview of the four foreseen standardization assets identified by the 5G-DRIVE partners at the current stage (M10) of the project. Subsequently, the document reports on the existing opportunities at target SDOs, where the partners can contribute to, within the scope of the research.

Lead Partner: MI | Delivery date: June 2021 (month 34)
Abstract: This report documents the project’s standardisation activities and their outcomes related to the whole project duration.