5G-DRIVE workshop on V2X

When: Tuesday, 17 December 2019
Where: Rakennustalo RN201 auditorium, Hervanta campus, Tampere University, Tampere, Finland

The main objective of the workshop is to showcase 5G-DRIVE’s key outcomes, progresses and plans on the V2X topics half way through the project, including joint trialling activities with the Chinese twin project led by China Mobile. The workshop builds synergy with 5G-MOBIX, another 5G-PPP project, sharing lessons learned, insights, challenges and opportunities seen in the V2X sector in the 5G era.

The half-day workshop takes the opportunity of and co-locate with ITS Factory 2nd Development Forum to meet and share ideas with key stakeholders that come from a nice mixture of industry and research background, with a focus on engaging small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The workshop itself is composed of two major parts of interaction with our audience:

  •  Workshop / seminar: featuring keynote speakers and a panel discussion
  • Outdoor demonstration

Register HERE, free of charge. Seats are limited, so please confirm your participation as soon as possible.

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Preliminary Agenda

08:30 | Arrival, setup, welcome coffee

09:00 | Opening and introduction

>Welcome and Plan of the Day (Martel)
> Introduction to the 5G-DRIVE project (Eurescom)

09:20 | Setting the Scene

> V2X state-of-the-art and latest development in Europe (Mr. Pekka Eloranta, Sitowise)
> V2X good practices from 5G-DRIVE and 5G-MOBIX (François Fischer, ERTICO)
> Exploitation of the connected driving technologies (Esko Mertasalmi, Unikie)

10:10 | Coffee Break

10:30 | Cooperation between EU and China on V2X

> Overview of the V2X Activities of the 5G-DRIVE project (Meng Lu, Dynniq)
> Joint trialling activities, progress and next steps for 5G-DRIVE project (Matti Lankinen, Vedia)

11:00 | Panel discussion: Challenges and Opportunities (Moderator: Matti Kutila, VTT)
> Tao Chen (VTT)
> Meng Lu (Dynniq)
> Matti Lankinen (Vedia)
> Eetu Pilli-Sihvola (Traficom)
> François Fischer (ERTICO)
> Selected SME representatives

11:45 | Briefing on the demo session arrangement

> Visit to the V2X test site in Tampere where ITS G5 and Pre-5G network based connected and automated driving functions are developed for vehicles.

11:45 | Demo and showcase (outdoor, transportation arranged)

> Exploitation activities feedback collection and closure of meeting

13:00 | End of the event

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