The 5G-DRIVE project consists of 17 European partners from nine countries, covering the industry, mobile operators, car manufacturing, SMEs, research institutes, and academia.


Eurescom GmbH is a leading international project management company in the area of collaborative R&D in ICT. Based in Heidelberg, Germany, Eurescom provides comprehensive services for initiating, managing and supporting collaborative research projects, initiatives and programmes in the ICT sector. Since 1991 Eurescom has managed numerous international collaborative projects for network operators, service providers, and suppliers in the telecoms sector, using a dynamic network of experts.


VTT is a state owned non-profit limited liability company established by law. It has 70 years of experience in addressing the needs of industry and the knowledge-based society. VTT can combine different technologies, create innovations and provide applied research services, thus improving its clients’ competitiveness and competence. VTT receives approximately one third of its total income directly from the Finnish government. This allows VTT to carry out the high-risk strategic research and investment in research and technology infrastructures, which are necessary to generate the knowledge required for fulfilling VTT’s public mandate. VTT has a vast experience of various EU projects. Ranked among the leading European Research and Technology Organisations, VTT is committed to responsible collaboration for achieving the Europe 2020 goals by networking with Finnish and European actors in the global context.


BMW Group, headquartered in Munich, Germany, is one of the leading manufacturers of premium class automobiles and motorcycles, and a provider of mobility and financial services. BMW Group’s main production sites are in Munich, Regensburg, Dingolfing, and Landshut. Beyond these German plants there are production sites in South Africa, in Spartanburg, South Carolina, in Oxford and Goodwood, Great Britain, and in Shenyang, China. In Munich, BMW operates its Research and Development Center, FIZ (Forschungs- und Innovationszentrum), while Technical Offices in the USA (Mountain View, CA), R&D sites in Japan (Tokyo) and China (Beijing, Shanghai and Shenyang), as well as Liaison Offices in France (with Eurécom in Sophia Antipolis) ensure global access to trends and technologies.


Dynniq is a technical systems and service provider in the domain of ITS, parking and Energy. It combines electrical and mechanical engineering and ICT to the best solutions for moving people, materials, energy and data flows. Dynniq provides services throughout the entire technology life cycle and business processes with customers, and operates in the following markets: dynamic traffic management and control, cooperative systems, traffic safety and enforcement, public lighting, energy and parking systems. Dynniq works at interurban and urban roads, airports, rail, water and parking facilities and energy distribution networks.


European Road Transport Telematics Implementation Coordination Organisation-Intelligent Transport Systems & Services Europe S.C.R.L. (ERTICO – ITS Europe) is a multi-sector, public private partnership promoting and deploying ITS in Europe. With 120 partners, representing 8 different sectors, ERTICO is the pan-European platform that brings all key ITS stakeholders together along the entire value chain. The 8 sectors are: mobile network operators, public authorities, research institutions, service providers, suppliers, traffic and transport industry, users and vehicle manufacturers. ERTICO has a long track record of designing and managing research and pre-deployment projects. Through ongoing cooperation in a series of projects, ERTICO has developed privileged relationships with the US DoT, the MLIT Japan, the BRIC countries, South Africa, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Chile; and has contact points in South Korea and Taiwan. This international cooperation ensures that EU funded projects and key ITS innovations are being promoted on a global scale. To provide leadership both in managing EU-funded projects, ERTICO employs the best in class experts in the ITS field with expertise covering engineering, traffic, political, psychological/behavioral and communication/IT sciences.


The Joint Research Centre (JRC) is the European Commission’s in-house science and knowledge service. Its mission is to provide independent scientific and technical advice throughout the entire EU policy lifecycle. The JRC Ispra site (the third biggest Commission site after Brussels and Luxembourg) covers an area of 167 hectares, with circa 138 buildings and 36 km of roads under real-life conditions, hosting approximately 1850 scientists and engineers. After more than 50 years of development, the JRC Ispra site has become one of Europe’s leading research campuses. It is an ideal environment for experimental research, with access to a significant number of employees and daily visitors, and a road infrastructure that enables interactions with real road users (vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists).

Martel is an innovative and dynamic SME specialized in the management, innovation and promotion of international research and development projects with a focus on advanced Internet technologies, such as 5G, Internet of Things and Cloud computing. Martel’s team has more than 20 years of experience in European funded projects, with strong connections with many key European and Global ICT players.

Martel includes three departments that work side by side to deliver the best quality to its customers: Martel Consulting, Martel Media, and Martel Lab.

Mandat International is a foundation and research centre, which has a special consultative status to the UN and is a member of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU-T), where it serves as Rapporteur on emerging technologies for the Internet of Things and Smart Cities (SG20). It is chairing the IoT Forum, the IoT Lab, and is co-chairing the IEEE Subcommittee on IoT. It is a member of the IPv6 Forum, Internet Society, the Geneva Environment Network, and the UN Global Compact. MI has over 20 years of experience in project management, including UN funded projects.


Orange Polska S.A. as the leader of the telecommunication’s market in Poland with 14 thousand employees, provides broad portfolio of different types of services, such as voice, video streaming, cloud, data based oriented services and Internet access for fixed and mobile clients and devices. For the R&D purposes, Orange Labs Polska accelerates innovations development and their implementation in Orange Group in selected areas – middleware and service platforms (like video streaming, content distribution, open API exposure, Open Data and its exposition, real time Telco and Web based communication services, IOT/M2M platforms, big data analytics, visualization and application), for core and access networks (including CDN, new network architectures like ICN, SDN, virtualized and cloud systems, network big data processing), applications development (e.g. OTT, contextual, M2M).


ORION Innovations P.C. is an innovative SME specializing in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), based in Athens, Greece. The company is committed to driving research results forward and into the market, as evidenced by our strong research and innovation management background. ORION employs a team of highly qualified engineers and researchers across multiple ICT fields, including: Cloud Computing, Everything-as-a-Service architectures, Virtual Infrastructure Management & Orchestration, Data Protection & Privacy Impact Assessment, Wireless and Satellite networks, Media-oriented and Content Delivery Networks, Digital Broadcasting, Quality of Experience (QoE) and Quality of Service (QoS) assessment, and Network management and monitoring.


The Hellenic Telecommunications Organisation S.A., member of the Deutsche Telekom (DT) Group of Companies, is the incumbent telecommunications provider in Greece. OTE offers its customers a wide

range of technologically advanced services such as high-speed data communications, mobile telephony, internet access, infrastructure provision, multimedia services, leased lines, maritime and satellite communications, telex and directories. OTE’s R&D Department is involved in almost all technological and infrastructural issues, and is an active participant in many EU and international collaborative projects. OTE’s current R&D activities include broadband technologies and services, next generation network architectures, infrastructure development etc., following to the actual challenges for the development of a fully competitive network infrastructure & a portfolio of innovative services/facilities.


Smartnet S.A. is a pioneer in the modern world of telecommunications networks and applications, provides advanced solutions and applications in anything that requires a modern company to face the hard competition which exists nowadays. SMNET designs, supplies, installs, maintains and supports integrated telecommunications and IT solutions aimed at reducing the operating costs of a company while increasing productivity. SMNET is continuously developing its activities covering a growing spectrum of modern technology challenges, also including inter-alia, expertise in innovate 5G-oriented network solutions in cooperation with major national operators.


SPI is a private consulting company created in 1996 as an active centre of national and international networks connected to the SME and innovation sectors. Since its inception, SPI has become a leading promoter of linkages between private sector companies, science and technology institutions, and national and international public and private organizations. From its onset, SPI embraced the mission of managing projects that promote regional, national and international development, stimulate entrepreneurship, innovation and knowledge management and encourage internationalization and creation of strategic partnerships and business relationships.


The University of Kent is a research-led UK higher education institution founded in 1965, which currently educates some 20,000 post- and under-graduate students. It is a campus-based university on the outskirts of the historic city of Canterbury. The host department, the School of Engineering and Digital Arts, had 98% of its research judged as being of international quality in the last (2014) Research Evaluation Framework in the UK; it has several research groups, of which the largest is the Communications, and covers Wireless/Mobile Communications, Microwaves and Antenna Systems, and Photonics. The research group consists of 10 faculty members, a similar number of postdoctoral and visiting researchers, and over 40 PhD students. It has excellent laboratory facilities including refurbished anechoic chamber, vector network analyser to 80 GHz, RF measurement up to over 300 GHz, and arbitrary waveform generation and digital sampling oscilloscopes to 50 GHz. The group has extensive involvement in UK and EU research projects.


The University of Luxembourg (Université de Luxembourg) was founded in 2003 as the first and only university of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. It is a multilingual, and international University, strongly focused on research. The University of Luxembourg, as one of the Luxembourg government’s research-driven institutions, aims to drive and foster outreach and awareness of its research results among all relevant stakeholders from government to industry players and standardisation bodies.

Un Surrey

The Institute for Communication Systems (ICS), previously known as the Centre for Communication Systems Research (CCSR), University of Surrey, is the largest academic research institute in mobile and satellite communications in the UK. ICS is the home of UK 5G Innovation Centre (5GIC). ICS research is focused on mobile communications which incorporates both terrestrial (cellular, M2M, sensor networks) and satellite systems. ICS research covers networking, air interface, radio environment, resources management and services related research activities. The Institute is well equipped with massive-MIMO, IoT, C-RAN, Satellite and mmWave test-beds, state-of-the-art labs and other facilities, which enable to carry out experimental research. In particular the 5GIC campus wide consumer grade 5G network is being used for various application areas of 5G.


Vediafi was founded 2013 and has focused on cross border C-ITS services in a number of public private-partnership projects and customer cases. Vediafi currently contributes in V2X piloting with Nokia, VTT and Dynniq.