22nd Infocom World Conference (“Transforming Greece: The 5G and Fiber Enablers – The Future is Now!”)

The latest 22nd Infocom World Conference that has been held virtually in Athens, Greece, on November 04-06, 2020, (https://www.infocomworld.gr/en/) has been considered as “the greatest ICT & Media Conference in South-Eastern Europe” and it is widely regarded as “the major annual meeting of all the digital market stakeholders in order to implement Digital Transformation, following to current market needs and/or challenges.

The Infocom World Conference 2020 has focused on the upcoming 5G networks, Digital Transformation and New Technologies that will reshape the modern landscape. On a different physical format, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s conference aimed to set up a platform for discussing and exchanging views on 5th generation mobile networks and how their potential can be utilized, so Greece can take its next steps in the digital era.

The 2020 conference included, among other subjects, challenges about developing 5G infrastructures, setting up an ecosystem of applications and solutions that utilize 5G, as well as the strategy that Greece needs to follow, in order to be among the states with a larger role in the new era, taking advantage of opportunities that both 5G and the 4th Industrial Revolution, offer.

This Infocom World Conference 2020 has been organised in three daily Sessions, each one covering specific aspects and related challenges.

The entire context of the third day (Friday, November 06, 2020) of the event has been about structuring a scientifically-oriented full-day event to discuss the “Actions of EU-funded research programs as “enablers” for the design, development and exploitation of 5G infrastructures and services”.

To this aim, the Hellenic Telecommunications Organization S.A. (OTE) has organised six (-6-) distinct sessions, all oriented to actual 5G challenges and has invited several speakers coming from ongoing EU-funded projects, most of which from the 5G-PPP framework of reference.

The proposed sessions have been about:

  • Issues regarding trials and development if platforms for validating 5G infrastructures and services;

(ii)     Development of solutions and/or applications for effective V2X communications;

(iii) Examples of design, development and exploitation of 5G-specific infrastructures;

(iv)    Security issues affecting first responders and critical infrastructures;

(v)     Security issues affecting the wider 5G scope and evolution (with emphasis set on cybersecurity, privacy, applications of special purposes, etc.), and;

(vi)    Applications in vertical markets and other issues beyond 5G.

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Among the above, the second Session has been structured around the scope of the 5G-DRIVE project and, for this purpose, OTE has provided a dedicated presentation (via Dr. Ioannis Chochliouros, Head of Fixed Network R&D Programs Session of the R&D Department, also organiser of the full day Scientific Event).

Within the same session other projects (i.e.: 5G-CARMEN, 5G-MOBIX and 5G-MED) have also provided information about their aims and/or progress.

This session has also offered the possibility for identifying current challenges and opportunities for the effective inclusion of 5G as supporter of V2X communications within a fully converged environment and under various scenarios of use, aligned to real market needs.

The entire event has hosted a total of thirty-two (-32-) distinct lectures, representing twenty-seven (-27-) European projects (i.e.: 5G-DRIVE, 5-CARMEN, 5G-MOBIX, 5G-MED, 5G-HEART, 5G-VICTORI, 5G-COMPLETE, 5G-EVE, 5G-TOURS, Affordable-5G, NEoterRIC, LOCUS, MonB5G, DataPorts, RESPOND-A, FASTER, RESISTO, INSPIRE 5G-Plus, SANCUS, YAKSHA, SPIDER, Cyber-Trust, euPOLIS, D^2EPC, TYPHON, BigO, UNIQORN).

More than 750 virtual participants have joined the Infocom World 2020 event.

Presentations of the entire Scientific Session can also be found at: