Validation Trials Workshop at 5G World Forum 2020

Validation Trials Workshop at 5G World Forum 2020

At the virtual IEEE 5G World Forum 2020, 5G-DRIVE co-organised a workshop on “5G Validation Trials across Multiple Vertical Industries” (WS2) on 11th September. The workshop aimed at providing a forum for industry and academia to disseminate new results on 5G trials in vertical industries as well as share knowledge on related new 5G business developments.

5G Validation Trials Workshop chaired by  Meng Lu from Dynniq


The rationale underlying the workshop has been the essential role of validation trials for commercial 5G rollout, to test 5G features of novel services and applications in complex deployed environments. Such validation trials allow identifying and addressing issues related to coverage, interoperability, compatibility, and service provisioning. This is crucial for ensuring that 5G meets the requirements of various vertical sectors.

The workshop chaired by Meng Lu from 5G-DRIVE consortium partner Dynniq Nederland brought together six researchers from industry and academia, who presented their papers.

Among the presenters was Matti Kutila from the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, who presented the 5G-DRIVE paper on “5G Network Performance Experiments for Automated Car Functions” (Paper No. 1570645777).

Matti Kutila from VTT presenting the 5G-DRIVE paper


Overall, the workshop presented an excellent overview on the progress and results of 5G validation trials in Europe and beyond.

The four workshop co-organisers from 5G-DRIVE


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