5G-DRIVE at ICT2018

5G-DRIVE at ICT2018

Several 5G-DRIVE consortium partners participated in the ICT2018 conference in Vienna, from December 4 – 6, 2018, arguably the most important, official EC event hosted by DG Connect and the Austrian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. ICT2018 was a large-scale, high-level show case and fair on research and innovation, including conferences on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) related topics, Horizon 2020 work programme information sessions, networking opportunities and more.

Kai Zhang (Martel, left) and Uwe Herzog (Eurescom, right)5G-DRIVE, as an organic and active member of the 5G PPP community and ecosystem, had the opportunity to discuss the project with visitors and present its brochure at the booths of the 5G PPP programme, “5G in Action” and IoT Large-Scale Pilot Programme.

The 5G-DRIVE consortium partners present in Vienna were very active in promoting the project. In particular, EURES and Martel informed about the project to booth visitors, including from the EC, the 5G PPP and 5G IA board. Several opportunities and next steps of the project development were discussed with stakeholders from these organisations. Furthermore, a number of participants demonstrated interest in following the progress of the project.

5G-DRIVE is looking forward to playing an active role also at the next large ICT event organised by the EC, where 5G-DRIVE will be in a position to showcase some results of the project.

Kai Zhang (Martel, left) and Uwe Herzog (Eurescom, right), discussing the project with an EC project officer (centre)