5G-DRIVE at the 6th Global 5G Event in Brazil

5G-DRIVE at the 6th Global 5G Event in Brazil

5G-DRIVE was represented at the 6th Global 5G Event which was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from 28-29 November 2018 and hosted by 5G Brasil.

The Global 5G Event is an event where the world’s leading 5G organisations discuss the latest research and development achievements and views on 5G.

The 5G-DRIVE project coordinator Uwe Herzog gave a presentation in which he introduced the 5G-DRIVE project to the audience.

Uwe Herzog presenting 5G-DRIVE at the Global 5G Event (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

For the first time, the Global 5G Event was held in Latin America, bringing together the world’s best experts in mobile communications networks, including business leaders, researchers, engineers, professors, technical experts and policymakers. The presentations involved around 50 experts.

The 5G-DRIVE presentation was given in panel session 7: “5G Trials and Pre-Commercial Launches”. Uwe Herzog gave an introduction to the project, including details on the project objectives in the three areas of technology, regulation and business, the 5G-DRIVE consortium, the 5G-DRIVE trial sites and some details about the planned collaboration with the Chinese twin project for which the Collaboration Agreement had been signed by Eurescom and China Mobile in November.

At this event,  the 5G-DRIVE brochure was also distributed to the event participants.

The event was an excellent opportunity for 5G-DRIVE to create awareness and give visibility of its activities to a wide range of business leaders, researchers, technical experts and policymakers from all regions of the world.

5G Trials and Pre-Commercial Launches panel session at the Global 5G Event (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)