IEEE 5G World Forum - Workshop/Industry Panel

IEEE 5G World Forum - Workshop/Industry Panel

Title: Workshop/Industry Panel: 5G Validation Trials Across Multiple Vertical Industries – 2020

Date & Location: Bangalore, India: September 10, 2020


The Workshop on “5G Validation Trials Across Multiple Vertical Industries” will be held on 11 September 2020 at the IEEE 5G World Forum (5GWF’20 IEEE 5GWF is the major annual conference of the IEEE Future Networks – Enabling 5G and Beyond. The workshop presents most recent R&D results of related projects on 5G for multiple vertical industries.

Commercial rollout of 5G systems in 2020 is expected. While the 5G standard is in place, the gap to bring 5G into business remains huge. Currently 5G trials have been conducted intensively around the World. 5G aims to natively support enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB), massive machine type communication (mMTC) and ultra-reliable low latency communication (URLLC) services in a single infrastructure. It brings enormous opportunities for many vertical sectors, such as, automobile, industry automation, media, and health, just to list a few, to expand and renew their business, or make it more efficient. To allow the coexistence of services with a very different nature, 5G has introduced innovations from spectrum access, air interface, system architecture, network function virtualization in radio and core network, end-to-end network slicing, security, privacy, service orchestration etc. All new 5G features and functions need to be extensively verified and optimized before the commercial rollout of 5G networks. It is essential to test 5G features in complex deployed environments, identifying and solving coverage, interoperability, compatibility and service provisioning problems, and to ensure that 5G can meet the requirements of the various vertical sectors. In particular, the support to vertical sector services will need new measurement and test methods. Due to the complexity of 5G systems, many practical and theoretical challenges will need to be verified and solved during 5G trials and define the way forward and immediate next steps to ensure ubiquitous adoption of 5G globally. The workshop aims at providing a forum for industry and academics to disseminate new findings on 5G trials in vertical industries, and new business development.

Workshop Chair

Meng Lu, Dynniq Nederland B.V., The Netherlands

Speakers and Presentation Titles

  • Matti Kutila (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Finland) – 5G Network Performance Experiments for Automated Car Functions (Paper No. 1570645777)
  • Winnie Nakimuli (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain) – Automatic deployment, execution and analysis of 5G experiments using the 5G EVE platform (Paper No. 1570654444)
  • Chengappa Munjandira (Hewlett Packard Enterprise, India) – NFVi reference solution for 5G IPSec acceleration demostrated via Three-Quarter Terabit (TQT) IPsec Gateway vRouter usecase (Paper No. 1570654523)
  • Boris Galkin (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland) – Intelligent Base Station Association for UAV Cellular Users: A Supervised Learning Approach (Paper No. 1570656255)
  • Nairuhi Grigoryan (TUD, Germany) – Scalable 5G Signal Processing on Multiprocessor System: A Clustering Approach (Paper No. 1570656875)
  • Alexandros-Apostolos A Boulogeorgos (University of Piraeus, Greece) – Ergodic capacity analysis of reconfigurable intelligent surface assisted wireless systems (Paper No. 1570657089)

Name(s) of organizer(s)

Meng Lu, Dynniq Nederland B.V., The Netherlands

Latif Ladid, University of Luxemburg

Tao Chen, VTT

Uwe Herzog, EURESCOM