IEEE Conference on Network Softwarization (NetSoft 2019)

IEEE Conference on Network Softwarization (NetSoft 2019)

Title: 5th IEEE International Conference on Network Softwarization (NetSoft 2019)

Date & Location: Paris, France; June 24-28, 2019.


NetSoft 2019 will analyze how the continuous evolution of software-defined networking (SDN), network functions virtualization (NFV), and cloud networking techniques, which are now extended to edge and access networks, will help shaping the future of automated networking. From the dynamic exposure and negotiation of connectivity service parameters to service fulfillment and assurance mechanisms, the promises of automation to foster the delivery and facilitate the design and the operation of complex, programmable, multi-service networking architectures need to be progressed beyond the currently nurturing specification and development efforts.

NetSoft 2019 will thus be the opportunity to sense the most advanced developments in the areas of Artificial Intelligence and companion algorithms, self-driving and autonomic networking, policy-based network management, dynamic network slice provisioning, among other promising research areas for the sake of robust, reliable and softwarized networks.